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Optics Balzers Jena GmbH

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Optics Balzers公司70多年来一直是提供创新光学度模和解决方案的首选合作伙伴。与其在耶拿(德国)和槟城(马来西亚)的子公司一起,Optics Balzers是光学度模和组件供应的全球引领者。本高科技公司专注于汽车、传感器与成像技术、生物光子学、激光、航天与国防、照明与投影以及工业应用等特定市场。本公司提供的产品和服务范围涵盖从光学度模和玻璃加工、图案工艺和粘接技术到完整的光学组件制造邻域,并被认为是全球独一无二的。


Optics Balzers是全球领先的光学薄膜和元件的供应商。这是一家总部位于列支敦士登的高科技公司,专注于汽车、传感器和成像、生物光子学、激光、航空和防御、照明和投影以及工业应用等专业市场。

产品和服务范围从光学薄膜到玻璃加工,图案和结合技术到制造完整的光学组件,其产品被公认为世界独一无二。Optics Balzers产品范围包括从UV到NIR的激光组件。


Ti : Sapphire Laser Line Mirrors

Ti : Sapphire Laser Line Mirrors

For Ti:Sapphire Lasers, wavelength range 700nm to 900nm, Optics Balzers provides high reflective laser line mirrors, optimized for high power laser application from the ns down to fs range. The Ti:Sapphire laser line mirrors are offered for 0°and 45° application. The high level threshold and the reflectivity of R>99.7 % for s- and p-polarized light, makes them well suitable for all industrial 24 / 7 application. Standard dimensions are ½” and 1”.

Linear Variable Filters

Linear Variable Filters

Optics Balzers provides customized linear variable filters in a wavelengths range between 300 nm
to the NIR range. Bandpass filters, long pass and short pass filters are available on request. Blocking levels as low as OD4 can be achieved. Combining high transmission long pass and short pass
filters, variable band pass filters with various bandwidths can be designed.

Time of Flight (TOF) Narrow Bandpass Filters

Time of Flight (TOF) Narrow Bandpass Filters

Gesture recognition and TOF systems like 3D imaging applications require best transmission performance in the range of the illumination wavelength (Laser or LED source) for a wide field of view. Outside the bandpass an extraordinary blocking is required to suppress the ambient illumination for a better contrast. The filters can be provided in various sizes and if required with B-Stage Epoxy or solderable coating frames for optional sealing.


Hardcoating on Plastics 

Plastic substrates often need hardcoating in order to improve the surface hardness and to enable additional thin-film coatings on top. Optics Balzers offers different types of hardcoating solutions depending on the application and the substrate type (e.g. PMMA, PC, COC). The hardcoating solutio...| » 阅读更多的内容 

Gesture Recognition and Control – Automotive Applications 

Gesture recognition and time of flight (ToF) systems like 3D imaging applications require Maximum transmission in the range of the Illumination wavelength (Laser or LED source) for a wide field of view. Adjacent to the pass range, an extraordinary deep blocking is required, eliminating the amb...| » 阅读更多的内容 

New generation of TOF - IRBP filters 

Our R&D department has developed a new type of TOF (Time of flight)filters with reduced angle shift to improve signal-to-noise ratio for final application. We have produced samples with less than 10nm angle shift between AOI = 0° and 30° (measured at T=50%) and are open to work wit...| » 阅读更多的内容 


Optics Balzers Jena GmbH
Otto-Eppenstein-Str. 2
07445 Jena

电话: +49 3641 352930

Meng Kiat Lim
Sales Manager Asia
电话: +65 6809 5243

Optics Balzers AG
12 Marina Boulevard, #17–01 Marina Bay, Financial Centre Tower
018982 Singapore

电话: +65 6809 5243

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