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公司成立于2001年,拥有80名员工。公司总部和生产基地位于德国亚琛,分公司设在德国巴斯韦勒。 INGENERIC公司产品包括微透镜和系统设计,从样品、小批量到大货生产。

  • 微光学器件和模块

  • 快轴准直

  • 慢轴准直

  • 准直模块

  • 光束整形

  • 微透镜阵列

  • 非球面和非柱面器件

    INGENERIC 公司以其独特的技术能力发展成为半导体激光光束整形领域的领导者并致力于满足客户全方面的需求。


Customers of the entire laser industry rely on micro-optics, microlens arrays, beam transformation optics and aspheres as well as sophisticated optical systems and laser systems from INGENERIC.

Optical Components:
Micro-optics are key elements in the basic function of high-power diode lasers and are vital to their efficiency. With years of experience, we manufacture refractive micro-optics, beam transformation optics, lens arrays and aspheres with outstanding properties – either as standard optic or as a customer-specific solution:

  • Fast-Axis Collimation

  • Slow-Axis Collimation

  • Beam Transformation Optics

  • C-Modules

  • Microlens Arrays

  • Aspheres and Acylinders

  • Special Products

We use high-quality glass materials, meet the most exacting precision-related specifications in serial manufacture and manufacture in line with continuously optimized engineering designs to ensure that our customers can rely on maximum brightness.

Fast-Axis Collimator

Fast-Axis Collimator

The most important optical component in the beam shaping systems in high-power diode lasers is the Fast-Axis Collimation optic. The lenses are manufactured from high-quality glass and have an acylindrical surface. Their high numerical aperture permits the entire diode output to be collimated with outstanding beam quality. The high transmission and excellent collimation characteristics guarantee the highest levels of beam shaping efficiency for diode lasers.

Slow-Axis Collimator

Slow-Axis Collimator

The Slow-Axis Collimation optic is a highly efficient means of forming the beam in the slow-axis of diode lasers. It is available either as a monolithic array of cylindrical lenses or as a single lens. All of our optics are produced using high-quality optical glass. The exacting product tolerances guarantee efficient collimation of the light from all emitters and compatibility with laser bars and stacks.

Collimation Module

Collimation Module

The Collimation Module (C-Module) is a highly efficient means of reducing the divergence of diode lasers in the fast- and slow-axis simultaneously. The module consists of two micro-optics, which are fixed and aligned in one single module with high precision. Alongside its optimum collimation characteristics the module guarantees a simple and cost efficient assembly of diode lasers. The compact C-Module thus guarantees highest brightness of diode lasers in combination with minimum size.


Dennewartstr. 25-27
52068 Aachen

电话: +49 241 9631340
传真: +49 241 9631349

Dr. Olaf Ruebenach
Managing Partner
电话: +49 241 1340

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