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piezosystem jena GmbH

展位号: N1-1713


Piezosystem jena (耶拿压电系统公司)
piezosystem jena 是一家世界领先的专门从事用于不同组件微纳米定位的压电致动器的开发、设计与工艺制造的企业。Piezosystem jena 产品的特点是亚纳米级的杰出精度、高度的重复性以及可产生高达几千牛顿的力。Piezosystem jena提供一至五轴线定位器的解决方案、夹持器、反射镜倾斜系统、光纤开关、快门、旋转台/回转工作台、目标定位系统,压电堆栈型致动器,材料测试和冲击波发生的压电复合材料。
piezosystem jena 还为低电压与高电压压电元件提供电子产品。这些完整的系统可以很容易地被集成到现有的许多应用程序中如:光学、生命科学和高精度/动态扫描应用程序以及振动激发和冲击波的发生。


piezosystem jena offers solutions from one to five axis positioners, grippers, mirror tilting systems, optical switches, shutters, rotary stages, objective positioning systems, piezo stack type actuators, high load actuators and piezo composites for material testing and shock generators. The piezocomposite actuators are able to generate fast Shockwaves, high dynamic pulses so as high dynamic vibrations. piezosystem jena also offers stages with a large travel range of up to several millimeters.



The unique TRITOR® nanopositioners are extremely compact but offer motions of up to 400 µm in all three axes. Parallel motion is achieved without mechanical play due to the mechanical design. As an option, integrated position control systems for overcoming the effect of hysteresis are available.

TRITOR® nanopositioners can be easily combined with other mechanical positioning systems. They are well suited for various applications reaching from optical research to OEM systems.



The lens scanning system MIPOS 500 was developed for finely adjusting micro objectives. The maximum motion is 500 µm. The resolution of the MIPOS 500 is very high and, in practice, only limited by the voltage noise of the power supply. PL stands for pre-loaded and CAP is for the capacitive motion sensor Controller which is implemented in this version.

Piezo Mirror Tilting and Scanning Platform PSH 4/1 with mounted mirror

Piezo Mirror Tilting and Scanning Platform PSH 4/1 with mounted mirror

The piezo-electrical mirror tilting systems of the piezo mirror tilting and scanning platforms PSH 4/1 series are made for ultra fast positioning tasks with nanometer accuracy. They are especially suited for beam steering, scanning applications, vibration control, beam alignment, and beam tracking tasks.


Product Spotlight: The MIPOS R120 

For Microscopy applications using multiple lenses in fast alternation, piezosystem jena developed a very special MIPOS model: The MIPOS R120. This piezo stage positions the whole lens revolver. Users can easily switch between objectives without losing focus on the part of the probe that is exami...| » 阅读更多的内容 

Product Spotlight: PSH 25 (SG) OEM Mirror Tilting Stages 

The PSH25 (SG) OEM is a new development in the tip/tilt piezo steering mirror platforms PSH series offered by Piezosystem Jena. The series PSH serves the fast and precise positioning of optical components. Mirrors or prisms can be positioned in the mrad range at up to several hundreds of kiloher...| » 阅读更多的内容 

Product Spotlight Slit/Shutter Actuator – PZS 

Two slit edges are driven by only one piezoelectric actuator. Solid state flexure hinges with a parallelogram design were used to construct the piezo slit systems in order to ensure the synchronization of the slit edges with respect to the center line. To avoid hysteresis, creep, and temperature...| » 阅读更多的内容 


piezosystem jena GmbH
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电话: +49 3641 66880
传真: +49 3641 668866

Rudyard Urtecho
Sales Engineer
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Peiport Industries Ltd.
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