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Ion beam & plasma figuring methods are used to create surfaces accurate to within nm, and local resolutions accurate to within mm. These procedures are also suitable for smoothing roughness to sub-nm (RMS) values. Compared to conventional polishing methods, IBF offers extremely high processing convergence and negligible subsurface damage. Applications branches: high-performance optics sector & semiconductor industry.

OPTEG´s creates turnkey automation solutions for production and handling processes. Our service portfolio includes engineering and production, commissioning, maintenance, on-site repair. We are specialized in multi-axis movement systems, combined with direct drives, vacuum technology, movement & handling systems, software.

We also produce optical measuring systems for analyzing surfaces, shapes and dimensions. Also customized optical measuring systems tailored precisely to your needs - e.g. a system for real-time monitoring, fully automated & integrated in a production line.


Specialized in manufacturing & sales of high-tech products:

- highly-dynamic multi-axis systems

- hardware and software components of Ion Beam Figuring / Finishing (IBF)

- controlling systems for machines and plants

- user interfaces (GUI)

- data interfaces

- CAM-generation

- high-power, high-voltage supplies for the ion beam sources (700 to 1500 watts)

- fiber-based, optical low coherence interferometer

- fiber-based photoreflektometer


Ion Beam Figuring Machine OMF 450

Ion Beam Figuring Machine OMF 450

- processing workpieces up to 1.2 meter by Ion Beam Figuring
- ultra stable removal rates
- achievable surface quality up to λ / 200
- workpiece loading through a load lock chamber
- figure process with workpiece upside-down
- 7 axes motion system (direct drive)
- beam size in situ exchangeable (1 - 40 mm)
- high motion velocity & acceleration

OTFP ST 50 Optical measurement instrumentation for thin-film analysis

OTFP ST 50 Optical measurement instrumentation for thin-film analysis

- measuring system for thin film measurement
- wavelength range: 400-1100 nm
- thickness: 150 Å to 50 μm
- accuracy: up to 1nm (depending on layer stack)
- applications:
• Photoresist / Oxides / Nitrides
• Cell Gaps / Polyimide / ITO
• Hardness Coatings
• Anti-Reflection / Coatings / Filters



- measuring system for thickness measurement
- measurement range: 12 μm to 100 mm
- accuracy: +- 10 nm
- single and multi-layer measurements
- multi-probe configuration up to 12 chanels avaiable
- materials / applications: (nearly all transparent optical materials)
• glass
• glass
• plastic
• tubing
• silicon
• coatings
• fluids
• air gaps
• contact lenses
• intraocular lenses


Foepplstr. 9
04347 Leipzig

电话: +49 3412 3493510
传真: +49 3412 3493529

Dr. Steffen Gürtler
Directing Manager

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