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Jenlab GmbH

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JenLab is the expert for biomedical femtosecond laser technology. The company is one of the Top-100 innovators among SME's in Germany and pioneered high resolution skin imaging, using certified femtosecond laser multiphoton tomographs. Through the microscopic view into the skin without invasive biopsies, malignant melanoma and other pathologic changes can be detected within minutes. A superior spatial resolution of 0.3 micrometer can be achieved, which is by far the best worldwide. This allows painless label-free in vivo histology. Multiphoton tomography so far has been applied in medicine, small animal imaging, cosmetics, and space research.

Major clients of JenLab are research hospitals and cosmetic companies in Europe, Asia, Australia, and the US. Cosmetic research includes testing of anti-aging effects by measuring the ratio of elastin to collagen. Multiphoton tomography allows to evaluate the biosafety of sunscreen nanoparticles. The company cooperates with NASA and the European Space Agency ESA to measure skin modifications during longterm space flights.


JenLab’s multiphoton tomographs are the first certified medical femtosecond laser diagnostic tools. The novel tomographs provide a rapid microsopic view into the skin and other tissues by fast scanning tightly focused near infrared beams with 80 million laser pulses per second. The beams excite intrinsic biomolecules to emit fluorescence as well as other weak signals that can be detected with single photon sensitivity. During scanning, high-contrast images of the intratissue architecture appear immediately on the screen of a monitor. An optical tissue section takes only seconds: the patient and the doctor can monitor single cancer cells, inflammation sites, the migration of repair cells, the distribution of melanin pigments and even single elastin fibres and the collagen network. Chemical imaging is mainly achieved through a non-linear process called Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS), based on molecule vibrations such as with C-H bonds of lipids.



The MPTflex is a CE-certified medical tomograph based on femtosecond multiphoton excitation of fluorescent biomolecules like NAD(P)H, flavins, porphyrins, elastin, and melanin. The extracellular matrix protein collagen can be identified by its second harmonic generation (SHG). Autofluorescence and SHG signals are recorded by fast PMT detectors with single photon sensitivity.


Jenlab GmbH
Schillerstr. 1
07745 Jena

电话: +49 36 41470501
传真: +49 36 41470543

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