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PRIMES has over 20 years of experience in the development of diagnostics solutions for the complete range of laser technology and especially in custom tailored OEM beam analysis devices and absorbers. We offer laser beam diagnostics for quality assurance in industrial manufacturing, maintenance, trouble shooting and also for R & D applications. Our focus lies on measuring devices for the characterization of CO2-, solid state-, fiber- and diode lasers used for material processing and scientific applications. The applications range from micro processing to heavy industry. The mixture of several MW pulse power, just a few micron spot diameter and the time range from femto seconds up to cw operation has led to a new generation of PRIMES instruments especially for wavelengths from UV to NIR. The field bus interface of several PRIMES systems offers the possibility for an easy integration into a laser machine.


  • FM FocusMonitor (3D beam profiling of focused beams)
  • BM BeamMonitor (beam profiling of unfocussed beams - 100mm clear aperture)
  • PMM PowerMeasuringModule (power monitoring in production)
  • MSM MicroSpotMonitor (measuring the caustic of pulsed lasers > 10µm spot diameter)
  • LQM LaserQualityMonitor (analyzing the raw beam propagation – direct fiber measurement)
  • PM PowerMonitor (long term power monitoring up to 25kW)
  • CPM CompactPowerMonitor (light weight power meter for fiber lasers)
  • PMT PocketMonitor (mobile and compact power meter)
PowerMeasuringCassette (PMC)

PowerMeasuringCassette (PMC)

The PMC is a mobile laser power sensor to be integrated instead of the protective glass cassette to the processing head. This compact measuring system is appropriate for monitoring the beam power in daily operation. The microprocessor-based electronics calculates the laser power with high accuracy, based on the temperature-rise of the irradiated absorber. Electrical power for operation is provided by an integrated lithium cell, which can be charged over a micro-USB-port.

FocusParameterMonitor (FPM)

FocusParameterMonitor (FPM)

The FPM is the first system on the market that enables a fast determination of laser beam parameters in the processing zone. It was initially designed for laser beam measurement in a special application – the laser seam stepper. The device consists of three main components: the power measuring unit, the beam analysis unit and the field-bus interface. The beam parameters of the processing zone are measured periodically. Automated controls form the basis for secure processing quality.

OpticsQualityMonitor (OQM)

OpticsQualityMonitor (OQM)

The OQM enables the testing of the absorption of a transmissive optical element (lens or flat optics) with anti-reflection coating in the outgoing- or incoming goods inspection in comparison with a reference element of the same type. The measurement of the temperature rise of the optical surface then allows relative or comparative statements regarding the absorption of optics within one production batch, between different production batches or between the deliveries by different manufacturers.


Max-Planck-Str. 2
64319 Pfungstadt

电话: +49 6157 9878-0

Nicholas Harrop
Sales Engineer
电话: +49 6157 9878-0

ETSC Technologies Co.
9 / F Building 1, SBI, Guangguchuangye Street, Eastlake Development Zone
430074 Wuhan, Hubei
P.R. China

电话: +86 27 87807925

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