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Product Spotlight: The MIPOS R120

For Microscopy applications using multiple lenses in fast alternation, piezosystem jena developed a very special MIPOS model: The MIPOS R120. This piezo stage positions the whole lens revolver. Users can easily switch between objectives without losing focus on the part of the probe that is examined. This significantly increases inspection and analysis times and spares the user the time-consuming positioning of individual lenses.

The piezo objective positioner MIPOS R120 offers motion up to 120 µm and resolution in the sub-nanometer range. Objective revolvers up to 5 kg can be mounted onto the stage. For ensuring highly parallel motion, piezosystem jena is using a specialized parallelogram construction design. Here, the outside hinges of the stage are displaced linearly to not interrupt the direction of the optical axis. The MIPOS R120 also has an additional preload that increases its dynamic.

Optionally, the piezo stage can be outfitted with position sensors.

Dependent on the application, there are different piezo controller options. To learn which piezo amplifier fits your application best, please contact our technical sales team. You can reach us via or call +49(0)364166880.

Exhibitor: piezosystem jena GmbH

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