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Flexible and efficient ultra precision machining of stainless steel

The established 100-kHz Ultrasonic Tooling System UTS2 developed by the company son-x enables direct ultra-precision machining of stainless steel with single crystal diamond tools and with maximum efficiency. There is almost no geometric constraint towards the machined geometry. The UTS2 operates with a unique frequency of 100 kHz enhancing cost effectiveness with ultra precision.

The so called ultrasonic assisted process enables direct cutting of stainless steel with diamond tools, without the need of a nickel plating. In fact, this technology is available on the market since 2011 from son-x. Now the second product generation in ultrasonic tooling systems is introduced, the UTS2, which has a frequency of 100 kHz and no constraints towards the machinable geometry.

During the process the diamond tool oscillates in a linear motion generating an intermitted cutting condition with 100.000 contacts per second. This leads to a better cooling of the diamond as well as a suppression of the chemical interaction between the iron and the carbon in the diamond, which results in a significant wear reduction. A consistent surface quality of Ra=3nm and a form accuracy of PV
Due to its compact design the UTS2 can be integrated into commercially available precision and ultra precision machine. For machines without a vertical axis a micro height adjustment is foreseen. The simple and clear handling of the system based on the “Plug&Play” principle ensures an immediate and efficient use of the technology. The required diamond tools are not limited with regards to their geometry and can be purchased at commercial vendors.

The typical application of this technology is mould insert manufacturing for plastic injection moulding. Steel inserts have a higher tool life and can be manufactured quicker with the UTS2 technology. The inserts are more scratch resistant than nickel plated or aluminum inserts and can be repaired quickly, if damaged. The technology makes mould manufacturing quicker and injection moulding of optics more efficient. (

The unit as well as optical mould inserts are displayed at our booth.

Exhibitor: Son-x GmbH

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