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Pulser – P11, P12, P21, P23 pulsers for local burst or ESDP1 mini burst generator set

Generation of local burst or ESD pulse fields with an extreme field strength.
The E and B mini burst generators are particularly small burst generators. They are used with the aim of identifying and eliminating weak points in electronic modules in the development phase.
They generate a burst or an ESD field at their tip. These fields are limited to a few square millimeters and can be used to apply a disturbance pulse to conducting paths and IC pins. These pulse fields correspond to the fields that are generated directly in electronic modules during burst and ESD events.
Victim devices that are susceptible to burst or ESD interference generated by electric or magnetic fields can be pinpointed in the equipment under test. The formation of these weak points largely depends on the layout geometry and type / manufacturer of the ICs installed.
The mini burst generators are guided by hand across the equipment under test (e.g. printed circuit board) with their field-emitting tips close to its surface. The victim devices respond to the pulse field and may cause malfunctioning. The burst generators can be applied to selected individual sections of the PCB design in the equipment under test to identify potential victim devices (faults in the ground system, individual conducting paths or IC pins). The separation of magnetic coupling (P11 B mini burst generator, red) and electrical coupling (P21 E mini burst generator, blue) enables the EMC countermeasures to be customized to suit the respective victim device. The susceptibility tester (P12, yellow) can be used to test the susceptibility of selected IC inputs and conducting paths.
The mini burst generators are compact and handy. They even provide access to hard-to-reach locations in the equipment under test. The effectiveness of EMC measures can be verified immediately with the mini burst generators.

Exhibitor: Langer EMV-Technik GmbH

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