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J.Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH

Booth number: 3835

About us

Since the establishment of the company 75 years ago, the company J. Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH has become with innovations and growth to one of the leading manufacturers of industrial power supplies in the worldwide market for Transformers, DC UPS systems and HV Power Supplies. Customer requests are in focus for high quality products. Whether transformers for photovoltaics systems, uninterruptible power supplies for wind power or high voltage power supplies for the coating of optical glasses - the requirements of our products are various.
We manufacture as well products in series as customer specified products:

  • Transformers and Reactors:
    100 VA – 10 MVA, power transformers, customer specified transformers, starting transformers, transducers
  • DC UPS-systems capacitor based or battery based:
    AC/DC-converter, DC/DC-converter
  • High voltage power supplies:
    Products with high-current and high-voltage technique

Products and services

  • Transformers:
    100 VA – 10 MVA, power transformers, customer specified special transformers, starting transforners, transducers
  • Reactors:
    filter circuit reactors, commutation reactors, smoothing reactors
  • DC UPS-systems on capacitor and battery basis:
    stand-alone unit, 19“-version and built-in cabinet, battery chargers AC/DC-converter, DC/DC-converter and inverter
  • Power Supplies:
    regulated, non-regulated, primary switched, stand-alone and 19“-versions, special power supplies
  • High voltage power supplies:
    in high-current and high-voltage technique


To provide the optimum solution for the power supply for the most varied industrial needs is an enormous challenge. Either for control systems, highly elaborated machine applications such as ship building, tunnel construction, wind and solar energy or machine tools, we provide the suitable power supply, designed for your application. Single devices, products produced in series production as well as complete power supply systems with transformer and control are part of our product range.

DC UPS systems capacitor and battery based

DC UPS systems capacitor and battery based

2 in 1 solution:
DC-UPS systems (C-TEC with Ultra-capacitors and AKKUTEC for batteries) as energy storages are a 2 in 1 solution (power supply AC/DC and buffer). In case of an interruption of the power supply, the energy of the Ultracapacitors / batteries is released. The back-up time depends on the state of charge of the energy storage and on the discharge current.

High Voltage Power Supplies

High Voltage Power Supplies

J. Schneider is manufactur of High Voltage (HV) power supplies for high voltage and vacuum process applications.
The high-voltage power supplies are available for the output range from 1kW up to 120kW for output voltages of 150 V DC up to 150 kV DC. Plasma power supplies are available in the output voltage range from 400 V up to 2,5 kV as DC units and DC pulsed or bipolar.

News & Innovations

SmartActiveTransformer – Automatic On-load TAP-Changer 

On-load TAP Changer ensures a stable secondary power supply in applications of wind-, solar- and hydro energy! The on-load tap changer was specially developed and optimally integrated with the transformer tank in which the switches operate in special vacuum cells to exclude the possibility of oi...| » Further reading 


The UCC-TEC (Ultra Capacitor Charger) is a charging device which mainly was designed to charge ultracapacitor modules. The latest version can also charge batteries. Different connection types for the modules are possible: up to five modules with a maximum total voltage of 450 V. The unit can be ...| » Further reading 

AC or DC UPS? 

To be protected against power failures, an uninterruptible power supply on AC or DC side is mandatory. The advantage of AC UPS systems is that this type is buffering all electrical consumers, eg. AC drives, etc. However, an AC UPS system is more expensive than a DC UPS system. If the application...| » Further reading 


J.Schneider Elektrotechnik GmbH
Helmholtzstr. 13
77652 Offenburg

Phone: +49 781 206-0
Fax: +49 781 253-18

Guido Kutschki
International Sales Manager
Phone: +49 1520 9298091

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