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Diener electronic GmbH & Co. KG

Booth number: 1231

About us

We are an innovative company in the field of plasma technology and an international leader in the production of low-pressure plasma systems, plasma HF generators and atmospheric plasma. Each year, we build about 500 plasma systems, 6000 systems have been sold worldwide. The company has 5 locations:

Ebhausen - Nagolder Strasse 61 (Calw district): Headquarters
Jettingen - Lange Strasse 10 (Böblingen district): Electronics
Ebhausen - Carl-Schickhardt-Strasse 40 (Calw district): Surface treatment services
Lomazzo - Italy
Shanghai - China

Our plasma systems are exported worldwide from Ebhausen. Currently, approximately 100 people are employed by Diener electronic. In 2014, around 623 plasma systems were produced. Sales in 2014 amounted to approximately € 11 Million. In 2014, we exhibited successfully at 9 trade fairs (Hannover Messe, MEDTEC, Sensor+Test, O&S, Bondexpo, FACHDENTAL, FAKUMA, IHK MTI Forum, electronica).

Products and services

Plasma technology–so many possibilities. Plasma is used in areas where joining of materials, or precise modification of their surfaces, is important. This forward-looking technology enables the most varied surfaces to be modified. As a result it offers diverse possible applications like, for example

Precision cleaning of small and micro components
Activation of plastic components before gluing, painting, etc.
Etching and, in some cases, removal of different materials such as PTFE, photoresist paint finish, silicon etc.
Coating of components with PTFE-like layers, barrier layers, hydrophobic and hydrophilic layers, friction reducing coatings,etc.

Plasma technology is now firmly established in almost all industrial sectors. New applications are emerging all the time.
Atmospheric plasma system PlasmaBeam

Atmospheric plasma system PlasmaBeam

- Degreasing / cleaning
- Hydrophilization
- Printing, bonding, painting, soldering, coating, molding and gluing,
Applications area:
- Automotive industry
- Electronic industry
- Elastomer industry
- Medical devices manufacturing
- Optical industry
- Plastics industry
- Precision mechanics technology
- Research and development
- Semiconductor technology
- Solar cell Technology, ...

Plasma system PICO

Plasma system PICO

- Cleaning of surfaces (e.g. before bonding, soldering or gluing)
- Activation of surfaces (e.g. before printing, varnishing or gluing)
- Etching of surfaces (e.g. microstructuring of silicon or etching of PTFE)
- Coating of surfaces - plasmapolymerization (e.g. deposition of
hydrophobic/hydrophilic layers)

Application areas:
- Automotive industry
- Elastomer industry
- Medical technology
- Plastics industry
- Research and development
- Sensor Technology, ...

Plasma system TETRA 100

Plasma system TETRA 100

-Degreasing / cleaning
-Photoresist ashing
-Powder treatment
-Pre-treatment before printing, bonding, painting, molding and gluing

Applications area:
-Automotive industry
-Elastomer technology
-Research and development
-Semiconductor technology
-Plastic industry,..


Diener electronic GmbH & Co. KG
Nagolder Str. 61
72224 Ebhausen

Phone: +49 7458 99931-0
Fax: +49 7458 99931-50

Tanyi Yang
Sales manager Asia
Phone: +86 13 601865654

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